Guidelines for submissions

  1. Reference style

A reference has four parts, in the following order.

1.1.  Authors

Names of persons authoring. Includes editors, reviewers, compilers etc.

1.2.  Title of text

Complete title of the text. Includes subtitle. 

If the text is not in English write translation of the title to English, then in brackets the original language, for example (in Russian).

1.3.  Publication

Include place, publisher, year of publication, page numbers, ISSN or ISBN.

1.4.  Keywords

Relevant words on the subject which are not found in the title, or themes developped, geographical areas, applications, methods used.

If too many keywords, we will include the first ones only.

  1. Text style

2.1.  Top of text

Start with full name of authors, then title of text, then subtitle, then short publication details.

Eventually continue with an abstract.

2.2.  Main text

We advise to have all parts of the text numbered, just like the present guidelines.

Include in numbering preface, introduction, conclusions, postface.

2.3.  Bottom of text

Write again authors’ names, draw a line, then write under the line:

–  Full publication details (name and contact details of publisher or of event where the text was presented, date, ISBN or ISSN)

–  Names and contact details of authors, eventually a short biographical text for each author or link to website where a biography can be found. 

  1. Other 

3.1.  Filename

Can be any filename since another filename will be given by our operator.

3.2.  Format

Send texts in  .doc or in .pdf  format.

Send by email as attached file – there is no automatic submission.

All texts are subject to revision by a competent person.

Texts not relevant to our goals will not be included.

3.3.  Identification

Dance Writings is not a commercial website, we do not accept texts from unidentified persons. Priority is given to Members of the CID.

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