Articles by CID Members

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Ms. Dr. K.R. Archana: Dancing is a mirror!

Ms. Dr. K.R. Archana: Salsa quotes by Archana

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Ms. Diniz, Cintia: Ballet for Learner as of 60 Years Old

Ms. Diniz, Cintia: Can dance generate stress and disrupt the child’s performance in school?


Ms. Diniz, Cintia: The Benefits of Ballet for Adults

Ms. Diniz, Cintia: The Importance of Contextual Assessment of Ballet Dancers

Ms. Diniz Cintia: “How Do Children Learn Ballet Happily?”


Dr. Dolors Cañabate, Mr. David Rodríguez & Dr. M. Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez: Physical education and dance: assessment of its inclusion and development in primary schools in the province of Girona

Ms. Djokam Tamo Agathe

Ms. Erika Matsunami: B.O.D.Y. – そして、それから

Ms. Fabienne Courmont: C I D UNESCO

Mr. Fidel Pajares Santiesteban: Aportes de la danza moderna a la Cultura Nacional. Presencia de África en la cultura danzaria cubana

Mr. Fidel Pajares: I- Aportes de la danza moderna a la cultura nacional. Música y danza moderna en Cuba.

Mr. Fidel Pajares: Estudio de la obra inconclusa de Ramiro Guerra. Apropósito de su nacimiento

Mr. Fidel Pajares: Estudio de la obra inconclusa de Ramiro Guerra. Apropósito del Aniversario 98 de su nacimiento.

Mr. Fidel Pajares: Repertorio histórico de Ramiro Guerra
Estudio de su obra inconclusa

Mr. Frederick Gerald Naerebout:  Another battle fought and lost. Seventeenth century Dutch predikanten and the dance.

Ms. Giovanna Leva Joglekar: A love story of the 19th Century : Jules Perrot and Carlotta Grisi

Ms. Giovanna Leva Joglekar: The Barre in History of Ballet

Horacio E. Ruiz (2015), Papeles de la India, Volumen 44, Numero 1

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Ms. Keya Chanda Chakraborty: Scope and Relevance of performing arts and visual arts in our society

Laura Shannon

Ms. Lakshmi Karthik: “Nrithyam” (Dance) , an integral part of Temple Worship With Reference to the Sanskrit Text “Agama Sastra”

Ms. Maria Sabaye Moghaddam: Forbidden dance

Ms. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux:  Danses féminines, espace de liberté ou de contraintes ? l’exemple des danses initiatiques pour Artémis en Grèce antique. Communication donnée par M.-H. Delavaud-Roux à l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale lors du séminaire “Femmes dominantes ? femmes dominées ?” le 25/02/2011

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Nehmat Kaur Dhillon: An Embodiment of Healing through Creative Artistic Punjabi Dance Culture and Connections with Somatic Dance Therapy and Practice

Nehmat Kaur Dhillon: Meeting Global Health through Dance Creativity in Developing world

Ms. Nené de Roeder: Los pies más lindos del mundo

Ms. Pratha Sharma: Brihadeshwara Temple of Thanjavur


Ms. Pratha Sharma: Glories of Cows and why Humans worship them


Ms. Pratha Sharma: Mystery surrounding Kalkaji temple in Delhi – Is it not a Sati Shaktipeeth?

Ms. Pratha Sharma: Temple culture of ancient India – A marvel of architectural genius

Ms. Rakshita Raghunathan: Natya-Art & History

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Μίρκα Δημητριάδη Ψαροπούλου (επιμ.): Χορευτικές εμπνεύσεις από την
Αρχαία Ελλάδα. Αθήνα, προσχέδιο για συλλογικό βιβλίο που δεν εκδόθηκε, 1994.